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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Stress and Chocolate

Some days are hard. Some weeks are hard. Some months are hard. And yes, some years are hard. I will admit that during my rough patches – like the last few weeks of my life – my gut reaction is to use food as my drug of choice. However, the problem with that is the fact that it really is a drug of choice, not just a funny phrase. Because, food is not something that is intrinsically bad for us, like tobacco or alcohol, it can be easy to justify its use in dealing with our emotions. However, over-feeding yourself, particularly on sugar or other calorie dense foods should never be justified. It is unhealthy and it only masks the stress, frequently exacerbating it, rather than actually soothing or helping the problem.
For instance, I recently spent close to $30 on chocolate and consumed it in a three day period – and it was half-priced Easter chocolate so you can imagine the large quantity. That is completely insane!!! Not only is that a terrible way to treat my body, but I also feel like I have completely betrayed myself and everything I believe in (can you see my stress is exacerbated?!).
Now it is decision time – what do I do with this? Do I throw in the towel and think “oh well, I guess I am just meant to be mediocre and a failure at this” or do I find a way to deal with my failures and get back up? My decision? ABSOLUTELY GET UP! I will be out of bed tomorrow morning at 4:30 am ready for my cardio. I will be packing a healthy lunch (plus snacks of course) AND I will be leaving my cash and cards at home so I cannot cave to the half-priced Easter chocolate lingering downstairs.
No one is perfect and in those moments where life is particularly difficult, whether it is financial, family or job related stress, it is completely normal for your good habits to fall apart a little. However, don’t let the stresses of life completely derail you from all of the great goals and aspirations you have. Find a way to get up… even if it is in the literal sense of getting up a little earlier tomorrow to fit those good habits back into your life.

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