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Monday, 24 October 2011

Strapped for Time but want a workout?

Strapped for Time but want a workout? Here is a quick plyometric circuit for you.
This workout will get you results in all areas – cardio capacity, strength and power – and all you need for equipment is a way to time yourself.
Complete each movement for one minute, doing as many repetitions as you can within that minute then move onto the next move.  
Take breaks when you need to between exercises. For instance, you could complete two exercises then rest for one minute, complete two more then rest for one minute.
If you have more time, you can repeat the circuit.
Monday Morning Plyo Routine
1.     Skipping (faux skip if you don’t have a rope)
2.     Jumping Jacks
3.     Mountain Climbers (
4.     Butt Kicks
5.     One Leg Quarter Turn Jumps (
6.     Burpees (ya know you love ‘em and if you don’t love ‘em learn to xoxo)
7.     Knees Up
8.     Plank Jacks (instructions here:
9.     Jump Squats (instructions here:

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  1. Thanks - I needed something this morning, and this was perfect to get me started!!