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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Here we go again...

It is about 13 weeks until the OPA Provincials at the Toronto Super Show. I have stocked my fridge with produce and meat (I always have enough oats and quinoa to feed a small army). Going back to work has put a bit of a strain on my eating habits – namely 2 pm and Peanut M&Ms have put a strain on my eating – so I am actually pretty excited to get going on a stricter meal plan. Although, I have been packing healthy (clean) food everyday, my self-discipline as it pertains to those dag M&Ms has been lacking. To fix the M&M problem I am no longer bringing money, bank cards, or credit cards into the office tower. I will have to eat what I have planned or nothing at all. I assume at some point I will let myself have my cards back but while I am de-toxing from sugar-garbage I may need the extra barrier.
The moment of truth, what does my starting point look like? In terms of measurements (in inches) – waist: 27.5 – hips: 37 – thighs: 22. In terms of body fat, according to a combination of my magic scales and some calipers I am at around 17.5% and my weight… 148. This is the part where I would like to recommend everyone look into the concept of body fat because although I believe in weighing oneself I believe in using multiple calculations. For instance, if I were just to look at my weight I might feel ‘fat’ but when you look at my body fat it becomes pretty apparent that there is a lot of muscle in there. Check out this great article for a quick guide to body fat with pictures:
And where am I going? Including water weight lost, hopefully down to about 130 pounds, 13% body fat, and measurements of waist: 25 - hips: 35 - thighs: 20.5. This would be approximately where I was in November for the last show so it seems like an appropriate ballpark goal. Again, I need to be clear that in now way, shape or form do I believe it is appropriate for me to live at a state of 13% body fat. I do not believe that would be healthy and at that weight I would be miserable with no energy.
So the really big question – why am I doing this? Good question. In part, it is because I have just always wanted to do compete. However, that is not really a reason. The real reason is that I find having a goal and a focus outside of work, and family provides me with balance and determination. Working on self-discipline in one area truly helps me with other areas – in the past few days I have already seen better results at work in my focus and in my patience with my children.  I go to bed more satisfied at night and that is a huge benefit for my life.
Well, wish me luck and I will be keeping you all updated with my stats as we move along… and maybe I will get brave enough to throw up a photo or two (but it is unlikely because I don’t even wear a bikini to the beach on vacation – yes there is a lot of irony there).

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